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Premium Gold Beauty Bar 24k Lift Bar Instant Face lifter

About the Product
  • The PREMIUM BEAUTY BAR HAS ARRIVED, tightens and slims face INSTANTLY in just minutes! Anti-wrinkle and Eye bag remover
  • RARE Hematite stone induces healing and increases blood circulation to stimulate lymphatic drainage to look younger!
  • INDUSTRY LEADING POWERFUL 10,000 Vibrations per minute for powerful skin lifting
  • SPECIAL CONCAVE T-head allows for OPTIMAL CONTACT for your necklines and cheeks. Includes AA Battery.
  • The Lift Bar works in combination with your favorite creams and lotion because it is 200% MORE EFFECTIVE in massaging onto the skin pores versus your hands. Within minutes you will have firmer skin and prolonged use will enhance your skin complexion and give you a youthful appearance. 

R 11.1

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