R 6.5

echnical Data:
Voltage: DC 5V USB Input Capacit: 30ml Noise: ≤35dB
Moisture capacity: 35ml/h Rated power: 2W Certificate: CE,FC,ROHS
Inner packing(mm): 10.5cm*10.5cm*9.7cm
The usage of aroma air humidifier
1. Aroma: humidifier where trickle-down perfume, essential oils, fragrance to make your working,  living, learning atmosphere for comfort.
2. Relieves summer heat and cooling: in the summer by adding ice, the air, environmental cooling  is not available in the traditional fan.
3. Anti-mosquito: Add a few drops of liquid repellent to prevent mosquito bites.
4. Beauty: Women’s skin care, before the skin is more Hydra luster, moisture beauty, the skin  is no longer dry, anti-aging.
5. Remove electricity: the elimination of a variety of static interference environment.
6. Household: wood furniture, bedroom humidification can not deformed, just brush the wall  does not crack.
7. Eliminate dust: complete elimination of dust, clean the air.