R 13.8

DEXE Hair Building Fibers with Hair Locking Spray AND A SHAMPOO



  • See a Full Head of Hair in 5 Seconds
  • Fuller& Thicker Hair in Just 5 Seconds
  • Get Rich Hair For a Day, Everyday
  • Revolutionary product for Thinning Hair
  • High quality ,factory price and best service

What is Dexe hair building fibers–

Dexe hair building fibers are tiny organic plant fibers that actually attach with your own hair to instantly build density. They give you greater coverage and a thick, full looking head of hair.

What can Dexe hair building fibers do–

1.DEXE hair building fiber can cover up perfectly bald spots or thinning hair areas just in seconds.

2.DEXE hair building fiber is fast and easy to use, very effective and looks very natural.

3.DEXE hair building fiber can last all day long ,it is suitable for any sport and resistant to wind, rain and sweat.  DEXE hair building fibers product is very suitable for all types of hair loss or thinning hair problem, such as below:

1. hair loss

 2. thin hair


Why choose Dexe hair building fibers–

1. Amazing effect,thicken the sparse hair.

2. Low cost,more economic than go to salon.

3. Time saving,5s make sparse thick and full.

4. more colors availabel,12 colors for you to choose.

5. Convenient,just shake the fiber on the sparse area,easy to use.

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