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4Pcs Clip N Store Home Kitchen Organizer Stick Spice Wall Rack Storage Gripper


The space-saving Clip N Store system lets you store and organize your spice bottles with ease. Instantly gain space in any cabinet. Clip N Store holds all different sizes of spice bottles, right where you can see them best. So now just grab and go!

Clip N Store is so easy to install. Just peel the adhesive backing and install on the inside of your cabinet door, or wherever you’d like a spectacular spice display. No screws or messy installation. Not even a paint can shaker can dislodge your spices when clipped to the Clip N Store, yet each bottle is easily released with just your fingertips.

Attach to virtually any surface and use to store condiments, prescription bottles, craft supplies and much more. The detachable design lets your customize your Clip N Store strips for a perfect fit in any space.

R 2.9 R 3.8